About Us

Memory of Our Hero

TK 92 is the new style of premium All-You-Can Eat Korean BBQ restaurant, which has been based on the interesting motivation of Robert Taekwon V in Korea. The successful restaurant is one of the Hobak family’s USA companies and is located in San Gabriel. By applying its knowledge of high quality food, and giving an extraordinary dining experience, Taekwon 92 deliver an amazing  experience of different Korean cuisine.

Unique & Energetic Atmosphere

TK 92 represents an exotic Korean subculture with its distinctive atmosphere, which seeks to create a comfortable and folksy image to our customers. Taekwon 92 specializes in a relatively small number of menu items. As a result, each item will be prepared in a more sophisticated manner, and the utmost quality will be attained; restaurants with larger selections cannot achieve this level of quality.

Pride Of The Best Korean BBQ Restaurant In San Gabriel

Taekwon 92 is leading the culinary industry’s new trend: “Ensure the quality by specializing in fewer menu items.” TK92 is not regular AYCE BBQ. The knowledge and belief of the restaurant are balanced well with the atmosphere and the quality of food. The restaurant serves dry-aged beef which is conditioned for twenty-one days. TK 92 serves not only the best quality of food, but also cooking performance that should be applied and the way of cooking premium meats.